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Sunday, June 24, 2012

How many times should I Feed My Husky Puppy per Day?

If you read the literature about huskies, it tells you that they eat less than other breeds. While this is true, time and time again, I find that many owners under feed their puppies and they are on the thin side. Once they are potty trained, the best thing is to leave them food on the bowl all day. The reason for that is that they can eat when they are hungry. They are not like other breeds which gorge on food, so they will munch on it all day.

When they are puppies, it is very important to give them all the food they want, so they can grow up healthy. The only problem with this is that if you are potty training him or her, then you need to control the food a little at first. If a person is home all day, it is best to give the puppy food three times per day and take the puppy out to potty 10 minutes later. 

However, if no one is at home all day, then two times per day will be sufficient until the puppy is potty trained. The key is to make sure the puppy eats all the food he or she wants during feeding time. Once he or she is potty trained, it is best to leave food on the bowl all day long.


Siberianhu Skysnow said...
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Siberianhu Skysnow said...

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Unknown said...

You should really fact check yourself.. alot of info in here is incorrect

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