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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Do Siberian Huskies Do Well in the Florida Heat?

This is a question I get very often. The simple answer is positive depending on two things. It is important that they have shade so that they can get out of the sun whenever they want to. By shade, it doesn’t mean that placing them under trees is sufficient. It is important to have a good dog house or a kennel with a roof.

Second, Siberian huskies should have plenty of water. A bowl of water is not adequate. Usually, a tall painter’s bucket of about 10 gallons is a good idea. Besides, they enjoy plunging their faces and sometimes their feet in the water to cool off. Many of them enjoy water, so taking them to the beach on a really hot day will cool them off.

Furthermore, Siberian huskies should not be shaved. Many people, including some groomers, believe that by shaving them, they are doing huskies a favor. However, their double coat is essential to keep them warm in the cold winters and cool in the heat of the summer. An example of this is when years back, huskies were imported to Angola. According to some of my past students from there, they began to die. The common thread was that people thought they were doing them a favor by shaving them. Instead, the huskies were dying of heat stroke due to having lost their protective coat.

That is not to say that they don’t love to stretch out on a carpet under a good air conditioner.

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Unknown said...

What about keeping them on a florida room/porch?