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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Do Siberian Huskies Shed Like Other Dogs?

This is a question I get probably every other week of the year. Huskies have a double coat. It serves to protect them from both very cold and very hot temperatures. Therefore, they need the double coat in any climate; that is the reason why they should never be shaved. Furthermore, no special type of brush or sheers should be used on them to pull out their second coat; this is usually recommended by groomers who are not familiar with the breed. The coat protects them from the UV rays of the sun in hot climate areas, and it helps them work in minus zero temperatures.

Twice a year, they “blow” or lose their undercoat. This means that a great amount of hair will be dropped around the house right before the winter and then again before the hot summer. There have been frantic new husky owners who have called thinking that their huskies were ill due to their hair loss; in fact, I answered a Craigslist ad one time where the desperate owner “was picking up a dog’s worth of hair every day.” However, this is perfectly normal. He was very relieved to have spoken with me.

The best solution is to take them outside during this time and brush them. It may take up to three weeks to lose the undercoat, but if the husky is brushed every day during that time, it may take less time and your home will be free of a lot of hair.

The rest of the year, huskies should not shed, or if they do, it will be very little. Wooly coat huskies, the ones with much longer hair, tend to shed more throughout the year than the other coats associated with huskies.